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Perfect Immune

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Perfect Immune is a botanical powder extract derived from the Pelargonium sidoides plant. It grows natively in the harsh environment of Mount Lethoso, South Africa, and has been used for hundreds of years to support your immunity against viral colds, flu and respiratory tract infections. 

There are over 40 studies proving its effectiveness at alleviating immune issues and supporting your body’s natural healing rate. Simply squeeze a dropperful into your mouth once a day and you’ll notice quicker immune response and less time spent ill - even in the Winter.

The bottle for this batch may be different than the one pictured due to supply chain issues. The bottle you receive may be Miron Glass.

Perfect Immune is South Africa’s Natural Solution for Cold, Flu and Respiratory Infections.

Support Your Body’s Defense System In 4 Core Ways.

How To Use Perfect Immune

Simply squeeze 10 drops into your mouth three times a day. 

Or if you prefer, add 10 drops to a smoothie throughout the day and you’ll experience the same benefits.

Suitable for children and adults alike.


Each bottle of Perfect Immune is 50ml.

About 10 drops, three times per day will be more than enough for your body to benefit from its immune boosting properties.

Yes! Perfect Immune is totally safe and effective for kids.

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